We're creating a new industrial future in South Australia - and Tonsley is the
heart of it.

The South Australian Government is transforming Tonsley into a collaborative and high-value industry, education and residential precinct.

Industrial pioneers will find their niche at Tonsley. To discover more about how a presence at Tonsley will support your business plans, contact Colliers International (details below).


More Companies Invest in Tonsley
Basetec Services, Signostics Limited, Zen Energy Systems and MAN Diesel and Turbo Australia are investing in Tonsley. The four companies manufacture solar and hybrid energy products, medical devices and pipe products - more details.

Tonsley Bus operating times between TAFE and South Rd are:
7:40am till 5:50pm (last TAFE SIEC pick-up to South Road at 5:50pm)
View the current Loop Bus Service timetable.

TAFE Hotline
For all TAFE related enquiries please call (08) 8207 2800.